Kitting UpThe Seasearch project here in Jersey is a small but very active group, making a considerable contribution to the UK's data. Our team is made up of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who dive and snorkel regularly throughout the year.
We are respected for our contribution towards Marine Conservation, providing important data and the opportunity for those interested to get involved.
The team is led by a retired school teacher; Kevin McIlwee, the author of the Jersey Scuba Explorers Guide, who devotes much of his time to carrying out seabed surveys and as the Jersey coordinator; administering the group and helping with Marine Conservation issues. He is a Marine Conservation Society, Seasearch Surveyor & Observer Course Tutor.
The project relies enormously on grants and sponsorship to keep the project going. In particular the Association of Jersey Charities, Lottery Fund, Société Jersiaise, Channel Islands Cooperative Society, Ecology Fund and Countryside Enhancement Scheme have helped us a great deal.

JSY Coordinator Kevin is a CMAS Level 3 Expedition Leader & retired PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor. As such he is happy to assist those keen to support Marine Conservation in obtaining the necessary qualifications and experience. He is a member of the Marine Biology section of the Société Jersiaise, BSAC and WetWheels. Also he is a specialist Underwater leader in Jersey underwater habitats.
The Coordinator has the support of a small team of qualified Seasearch Observers and Surveyors, assisted by diving instructors, school teachers, marine experts and qualified guides. Several members of the Team have degrees in Marine Biology.
The submitted reports are audited by the UK based National Coordinator, Charlotte Bolton before being added annually to the National Biodiversity database where it is available for non-profit research purposes.
The group regularly carries out surveys throughout the year particularly focusing on rare, threatened and invasive species. Annually we carry out a survey of the outlying reefs and have just complted a Maerl Bed study in conjunction with the Environment Department assisted by the University of Plymouth.
We are very keen to involve students and young people in the project providing as much help and support as possible.
Community Benefits
Involving students and enlisting more volunteers has been an ongoing challenge. Potentially several thousand island based students could gain a better understanding of the marine environment and actively make a contribution towards conservation. Schools currently find it difficult to integrate fieldwork into the curriculum. Also developing resources is time consuming, needs guidance and requires funding. Our project provides the opportunity to carry out Marine Conservation fieldwork without increasing teacher workload or expenditure.

In August of 2012, the Marine Photographic workshop on Sark, hosted by Sue Daly and attended by UK educators, who are currently developing the shore_thing project, provided an opportunity to explore ways of involving more of our islands community in the conservation initiative.

As a way forward, Jersey Seasearch linked up with the MARLIN shore_thing under the guidance of Fiona Crouch (the shore_thing leader at the time). This project has now been taken over by the Marine Biology section of the Société Jersiaise whose volunteers organise regular beach surveys and are happy to assist with school and college groups. This well structured scheme provides all the resources teachers and youth leaders need to encourage participation in a constructive way. We now have our own Education team who are developing materials for schools and youth groups.

2016 Jersey Seasearch Report

Marine Conservation Society 'Our Seas Our Future'

MSC StrategyOur Seas Our Future is a blueprint for the future of our seas - the Marine Conservation Society’s five year plan towards our vision of Seas Fit for Life. Download the document using the underlined link. Or clicking the picture.

It sets out the key threats and issues currently affecting UK seas and where we will target our efforts over the period 2015-2020 to find lasting solutions.

Survey DiverAchievements so far:   
Training workshop for Observers in cooperation with société Jersiaise, Fisheries & Agriculture Easter 2011. Workshop for Observers & Surveyors 2014. 2 Surveyors qualified in 2014.
2015- 6 new Observers qualified following our first independent Workshop.
2016 Observer Workshop with 6 new candidates.
2017 Two Courses 8 Candidates and 1 new Observer
Guernsey OBs 2014
Continuing support from the Association of Jersey Charities and Insurance Corporation to help with expedition costs, equipment maintenance, digital equipment, training and reference material.
Assistance with observation equipment from the John Spedan Lewis foundation.
Survey funds provided by Ecology Fund and individual donations.
Insurance Corporation Award for Seasearch 2013.
Insurance Corporation Award for Shorething 2014.
Insurance Corporation Entry 2016
Insurance Corporation 3 Awards 2017





AJC Small Charities runner up 2017

2015 NEDBank
Sponsorship for Reef Survey
2016 Countryside Enhancement Scheme funding for continuation of Maerl Survey