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Jersey Seasearch is a project based, marine species diving and snorkeling study group. Principally we have 2 aims:
-To gather data on species and habitats, identifying taxonomies that are rare, threatened or have an invasive presence in our waters.
-To provide an Education Programme which helps our Island Community understand the need for Marine Conservation and give anyone interested the opportunity to participate in the project, particularly students.
All data gathered by us is supplied to the National NBNA through the Seasearch section of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and to the Jersey BioDiversity database, administered at the Société Jersiaise, for non-commercial research purposes and in support of conservation strategies.
Jersey Seasearch is the local section for the Marine Conservation Society UK, Seasearch organisation.
We are based in Jersey, the Channel Islands and have strong links with the Marine Biology section of the Société Jersiaise on whose request the group was formed in 2011. The Marine Conservation Society, Seasearch UK provide enormous help & support for our project. Also we are leading the development of a local version of the Marine Biology Association Shore Thing project.
The group provides data for the Jersey Department of the Environment and the Jersey/ Guernsey Biodiversity Database. We help local schools, education establishment and community groups develop an awareness of the importance of Marine Conservation and the need for sustainability of our Marine resources in order to safeguard for the Islands future.
Our activities promote the aims of the Marine Conservation Society & The Marine Life Information Network (MARLIN), using their guidelines; submitting data to their associated organizations who are analysing and monitoring species in Norther European waters.
The group is a Not For Profit Organization, a Registered Charity NPO0763 with the Jersey Finacial Services and and a member of the Association of Jersey Charities (AJC). Without the continuing support of the AJC, CI Cooperative Society, Société Jersiaise and States of Jersey Environment Department and MCS the project would not be possible.


Our illustration shows a Snakelocks Anemone abundant in Jersey waters, particularly in the RAMSAR areas, where huge colonies can be observed. The species is progressively being recorded further and further north and has now reached the UK showing the affects of climate change. Jersey's sub-tidal waters are of great scientific importance. As sea temperatures rise here in Jersey we will probably be the first to observe marine species previously unrecorded in British waters. Other species previously recorded here are rapidly diminishing or disappearing altogether and we need to find out why before it is too late. Help us monitor what is happening in the shallow waters around Jersey and the surrounding reefs.
DendrodisThe Dendrodoris Limbata Nudibranch was identified in Jersey waters for the first time during the 2014 Seasearch Reef Survey.

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